S-Leader | New Generation Field Sales Automation

S-Leader | New Generation Field Sales Automation


S-Leader by our company Tübitak Marmara Teknokent Incubation CenterMobile sales automation developed in Logo and Micro It offers a set of solutions integrated with ERP solutions and integrated with mobile and internet technologies to best manage customer demands and sales operations.

Effective Field Management with TitleS-Leader

S-Leader ensures the execution of all processes such as sales pricing, campaigns and routes. With S-Leader, companies can manage their field teams, track them on the map, and send orders to customers faster by following the operations carried out in the field both from the web-based BackOffice interface and existing ERP solutions.

Fast and Effective Customer Service

Sales representatives can quickly enter orders, issue invoices and make collections while accessing instant stock and current account information in front of their customers.

Customizable Reports

With the report design tool, companies can create reports specific to their needs and share them instantly with their customers.

Special Invoice Design Opportunity

It allows invoice printing to be done wirelessly with Bluetooth printers. Whether narrow or wide, invoices can be easily printed with printer sets specially produced for vehicles.

S-Leader Mobile Compatible Barcode Readers

Order and invoice transactions can be carried out by scanning the barcode with handheld terminals with barcode readers. Barcode reading function is supported by Android tablets and mobile phones

  • It is a system that we can make available to your sales team in order to systematize the sales processes of your products. It can work independently or integrated with Logo and Mikro products.
    • Your sales team in the field can see the current status of current accounts. You can view current past orders and sales, balance orders, debit and receivable status, overdue and upcoming collections, unsold products, and best-selling products.
    • Can create routes and track daily routes. Route compliance can be reported by recording visit information (location, start and end date and time information).
    • Can receive collection by seeing current debt movements. If the receivable collection is a check or bill of exchange, it instantly calculates the average maturity and amount of the invoices with the average maturity and amount of the check and bill of exchange to be received, and immediately shows the difference in the day and amount, ensuring that the correct check and bill of exchange due dates and amounts are received.
    • Can access reports easily. You can see turnover, scope, collection targets and the percentage of completion of the targets with both graphical and numerical reports.
    • Announcements can be instantly conveyed to the field team with the announcement system.
    • With the push notification system, urgent notifications can be delivered as system notifications on mobile devices even when the program is not in use.
    • With the online chat system, team members can communicate among themselves in writing. Correspondence is logged and can be monitored by administrators via BackOffice.
    • With video calling, team members can make video calls among themselves.
    • With the virtual assistant, the sales team is informed about daily tasks and achieving targets, and it is made easier for them to achieve the target with motivational messages.
    • With dynamic route optimization, visits to current points on the route are helped to create a route by calculating the most optimum distance and time plan.
    • Motivation is increased by grading the field team with the badge earning function. The winning instinct and the need for appreciation are systematized and fair evaluation is ensured.
    • Leaders are published by making periodic ratings with the leader board. Leaders are given rewards. In this way, motivation within the team is increased and the race to be on the leaderboard is increased, as well as sales, scope, collection, etc. The success of the goals is increased.

Why Sales Automation?
S-Leader Sales Automation System It will strengthen the hand of your sales team by enabling you to easily manage your sales processes in the field and thus take your company further than its competitors.


What is Sales Automation?

Sales Automations are solution sets that are used very effectively and actively today and have started working to make our business lives easier.
Sales Automation; They are software programs that provide you with cloud services in the field of information technologies that enable you to manage, relieve and improve your sales processes.

What are Sales Automation Programs Useful for?

  • Hot sale
    It is a form of sales that is made face to face and in which the product for the order is delivered immediately.
  • Cold Sale
    Cold selling is a sales method performed by customer-oriented field sales people according to a certain routine plan.
  • Collection (Finance) Management
    The set of actions taken to collect receivables arising from forward sales in a timely, effective and planned manner is called receivables management. In every sector where forward sales are applied, it is inevitable to spend labor, time and similar resources on receivables management.
  • Customer Management
    We can state that companies get to know their customers and develop appropriate products and services in line with their needs.
  • Workflow and Field Management
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions
  • Stock Tracking and Management
  • Personnel Tracking
    Ensuring the work planning of the personnel in the field.
  • Route Planning
    It is the determination of the points to be visited by the field personnel on a daily basis.
  • Dynamic Route Optimization
    It is the module where you can instantly see the personnel in the field and see the details of where and how long they stayed.
  • Campaigns
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