IT Health Check (ITHC)

IT Health Check (ITHC)

What is IT Health Check (ITHC)?

English to Turkish “Information Technologies Health Check” translated as ITHCIt is an IT security assessment required for the computer system in institutions and organizations.

IT Health Check (ITHC) analyzes your organization's IT systems by taking end-to-end photographs. This provides an independent assessment of your organization's cybersecurity. It aims to provide assurance that your organization's external and internal systems are protected against unauthorized access or modification. Within the scope of ITHC, the following topics are generally examined:

  • External/internal network and system vulnerability assessments
  • External/internal network and system penetration tests
  • Web application penetration tests
  • Host configuration security analysis
  • Database configuration security analysis
  • Firewall configuration security analysis

After the review, the identified security vulnerabilities are presented to your organization by preparing a report that provides clear and measurable results along with effective risk remediation solutions.

ITHC General Steps

Scoping Determination: ITHC requirements and test criteria are determined before analysis studies.

Discovery: Public information that can assist in the testing process is passively collected. For example, usernames, email addresses, previously compromised credentials, etc. determines.

Evaluation: Using industry standard methodologies such as publicly available configuration guides by OWASP, OSSTMM, and NSCS, each area in scope is tested to detect vulnerabilities and security weaknesses.

Reporting: Once the tests are concluded, the results are analyzed. A full report is prepared, setting out the scope of the testing and the methodology used along with any risks identified.

Retest: As a result of the improvements, systems are retested to ensure that all identified issues have been successfully resolved.

ITHC Benefits

In many organizations, the installation and configuration of IT products are done by default or incorrectly. This may prevent you from taking advantage of existing resources and may cause your system to malfunction due to configuration errors (inability of the system to operate properly). Subsequently, it causes both labor loss and your workflow to be interrupted at some point. Checking many different hardware components and database configurations end-to-end allows you to learn how efficiently the existing hardware resources (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network) are used.

Internal systems with ITHC ensure that there are no significant weaknesses in the network infrastructure or individual systems that could allow an internal device to knowingly or unintentionally affect the security of another.

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