Data Backup and Update Services

Data Backup and Update Services

No more data loss with STD Bilisim.


Backups; It is the most important solution in data control and data security.

Why are Backup and Update so important?

Data is information that changes the way a business or institution does business, enables it to make future decisions, and draws on past experiences.

What if these were lost?

Losses that may occur as a result of data being exposed to attacks that may come from inside or outside the business and exceed security measures, may result in the loss of important portfolio data for your business.  Backup and update By completing the transactions, you will prevent time and financial losses and provide the basic support of IT measures for your business.

What is the Benefit of Backup and Update for You?

Backup and update services are a form of service that will prevent your workflow from changing, as well as saving you from large-scale financial and time losses. One hundred percent data privacy policy With this service, your data is protected against all possible bad scenarios that may occur. If you do not receive this service, if your data is not backed up or up to date, you will have to pay for data recovery services. The numbers and their impact on your business will cause much greater damage.

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Your data STD IT It is backed up at regular intervals to storage areas, servers or external storage devices protected by special encryption algorithms by the team. In terms of user privacy, data can only be accessed with your consent. %100 veri yedekleme hizmeti No second or third party other than you can access this data.

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The update process is carried out after all software needs and hardware in your business are safely backed up. The reason for this is to protect the confidentiality and update of the data against all possible scenarios that may occur during the update. Updates may be on servers, hardware, computers or company-owned mobile phones and applications.

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