Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery Service

Your memories and business information are valuable to us.

Why STD Bilisim data recovery?

  • %100 veri gizliliği ve veri güvenliği sağlayıcılığı.
  • Recovery of even the most critical damaged data.
  • Affordable price as a result of careful analysis and reporting.
  • Recovering critical damage to your media with our professional service team.
  • Data recovery, data deletion, data copying, decryption and data analysis operations.
  • We can always bring your memories, not the past.

Data Recovery Services

STD IT Thanks to our expert staff and advanced technology infrastructure, data recovery serviceWe accomplish this successfully.

HDD Data Recovery

For events that have occurred on the HDD, such as physical damage, liquid contact, burns, different impacts, the environment in which it is used being extremely hot or seriously dusty, sudden power outage, reinstalling the operating system, deleting files, formatting, converting to another format, system restores, etc. Data recovery can be done from almost any hard disk.

RAID Data Recovery

RAID data recoveryThe most important step is to repair or reconstruct your directory. rebuild is not trying to do it. done in the wrong way rebuildIncorrect stripe block size or disk order causes your data to be permanently damaged and cannot be recovered. RAID The first thing you should do in many data recovery processes, including data recovery, is not to take any action to hand the job over to the expert.

SSD Data Recovery

SSD, hdd Since they do not have any moving parts or reading method, their chances of corruption are extremely low compared to many other different disk types. SSDs, due to their structure, present difficulties in data recovery. The reason for this is that data recovery cannot be done in some SSDs after exposure to static electricity and magnetic fields due to their encrypted production.

NAS Data Recovery

NAS server They are products that allow us to create and benefit from large data storage areas, which are created by handling many HDDs in a separate structure and in connection with their devices. Timely first intervention is critical in all data recovery processes and allows the most accurate results to be produced.

MEMORY Data Recovery

Data may be lost as a result of improper use of memory, electrostatic discharge or virus attacks. Data recovery in memory can produce more effective and clear results compared to other storage rates. Here we would like to remind again that data recovery serviceIt is absolutely necessary to get help from a professional team.

TABLET – PHONE Data Recovery

Nowadays, both mobile phones and tablets are devices that we use regularly, with very few backups. We always come to the aid of our customers who frequently choose us in case of falls, impacts, contact with liquids or flammable damage. Considering all factors, if there is an accessible memory base, it is always possible to recover your data.

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