Contracted Technical Service Maintenance

Contracted Technical Service Maintenance

What is a technical service maintenance agreement?

Technical Service Maintenance Agreement, at any time of the day or during working hours, depending on the agreement made, its type and type; It provides solutions when any problems occur with computer hardware, software and computer peripherals. In order to prevent any problems that may arise later, necessary interventions are made to the hardware and peripheral units, allowing the problems to be detected and resolved.
In this context, taking the necessary precautions is the duty of the companies covering their services. cost-time It is a form of agreement that finds a solution to the problem.

In order to prevent all these problems that may occur, STD Its technical service maintenance team carries out the necessary work with advanced maintenance technology systems to prevent loss of cost and time. With technical service maintenance work, the problems and possible problems of the hardware and environmental components within the enterprise are determined through technical service maintenance intervention, and all problems that may occur in the process are eliminated.

Why do we recommend the technical service maintenance agreement?

Technical service maintenance agreements have many benefits for businesses. Some of these;

  • You will no longer have to establish an IT Department.
  • You have call priority at all times.
  • You set the balance of income in price and performance.
  • You gain the advantage of receiving on-site service.


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