System Room Security

System Room Security

System rooms It is perhaps the most critical unit of how businesses operate.

System Room Why is it important?

The importance of system room security

Developing technology and the complex structure of the way of doing business also reveal the necessity of having an electronic and hardware infrastructure that must operate uninterruptedly and continuously in many areas in order to meet the needs of our business.

Possible damages arising from electronic infrastructure cause today's job losses to be negatively affected. The negativities that may arise may be of vital importance and may cause critical situations and negativities that will be very difficult to eliminate in terms of both cost and time.
Therefore, today, without being affected by these situations, without harm, ongoing fields need to be created. to these areas Computing or System Room name is given.


Considering that system rooms are of critical importance should be kept. Therefore, the areas where system rooms will be installed high security It has to be.


Water pipes or heating pipes should not pass above or below the room to be installed, and there should not be a room or roof with a WC or sink above it. System administrator's office system RoomIt must be close to . The system administrator constantly system RoomSince he will need to go to the hospital, his room must be close to the system room. In this way, it can save time and it should be located near the system room so that it can be connected directly to the main switch without dealing with intermediate switches.


The two sides of the walls must be covered with plasterboard-covered rock wool. At the same time, there must be a fire-resistant steel door. Door entrances should be protected with the most durable locks possible. Good insulation against water and heat should be used.


System Room It should be air conditioned with precisely controlled or split air conditioners that will work redundantly, taking into account the size and heat production of the devices. The capacity of the systems to be installed can be determined by summing the power consumption of the devices in the room.


Fire detection and alarm systems are indispensable parts of system rooms. Both manual and automatic fire extinguishing systems should be included. If system Room If there is a water extinguishing system nearby, the damage that water will cause to electronic devices should be taken into consideration and necessary precautions should be taken to prevent negativities from occurring. Personnel must be trained and necessary warning signs must be hung at appropriate points to avoid intervening in the system room with water in case of fire.


The source of the smoke may be air pollution, faulty devices, fuel used in building heating or a generator. Dusty environments can damage hard disks, optical disks or magnetic disks. This may cause electronic systems to overheat. It is best to use out-blowing and in-suction compressors to clean dust.


Definitely for data and electrical cables. TSE standardsCare should be taken to use cable ducts made of suitable materials. It should be ensured that all channels are divided. High current and low current cables must be routed through separate compartments. Cable operations should be done from the top of the cabinet. The biggest advantage of making cables from the cabin tops is that it is more suitable for changes and has an easily manageable structure.


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