Virtualization Services

Virtualization Services

What is virtualization service?

It is almost impossible to make a precise definition of virtualization services in information systems. Virtualization service generally means abstraction of computer resources from users.
In other words, the virtualization process is outside the physical environment. Virtualization serviceIt is possible to share or combine computer resources with the methods used to achieve this. The purpose of our virtualization service is to isolate the user from resources by providing an abstraction area to the user. In this way, a logic layer is added between the user and the resources.

Why virtualization service?

The common reason for choosing virtualization services is primarily to obtain servers that perform the same operation rather than a single physical server and a single hardware feature. Therefore, using a virtualization service means reducing your needs and saving money.
Another important factor is the availability of any physical server. eliminating the need to purchase. It is possible to create more virtual machines whenever desired. Virtualization service The biggest reasons why it is preferred are as follows.

  • Being easily manageable.
  • Elimination of compatibility problems
  • Effective and fast use of resources.
  • Increased security and ease of data migration.
  • It really is much stronger!

STD IT With its wide range of virtualization services, it realizes all types of virtualization needed for your business and business.


Desktop and laptop virtualization service means virtualizing computers and moving them to the data center. End users are then allowed to access these resources over the network or the internet.


Network virtualization service enables network components to be virtualized and It allows it to work as if a connection to the physical network has been established.. Network virtualization service It can enable more virtual networks to be established and operated using less equipment.


Allows working on fewer physical servers by virtualizing more than one physical server virtualization serviceis. For example, in this service, it is possible to work on 1 physical server by virtualizing 3 physical servers.


Application virtualizationIt is a service used to make applications executable and executable from any point. software application It is completely separated from the operating system used and operates in a virtualized space. In this way, it is possible to make changes to the system.


It is the process of virtually grouping physical storage areas into a single storage device by using virtualization software. Storage virtualization and traditionally used virtual machines connection can be established between them.

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