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Why is SEO necessary?

Let's see how well you keep up with the important developments in search engine optimization and social media advertising.

Search engine optimization, also known as "SEO", is one of the basic needs for our websites. Unfortunately, search engine ads and social media ads do not allow many companies to stay at the top. That's why it's the only common problem of our customers who choose us for "SEO". SEO and advertising structure are processes that work in different ways.

Key Factors for Successful SEO

The main factors of SEO include always having a website that is understandable, simple and appropriately prepared. Unfortunately, many studies carried out for SEO are abused and, in addition to certain studies, other deficiencies are not given much importance, and companies and brands are victimized.


Tüm web sitesinin çalışmaları tüm platform (Mobil, Masaüstü, Dizüstü, Tablet) ve ekran çeşitlerinde %100 uyumlu olarak çalışması gerekmektedir.


Having your website on a secure server not only protects the privacy of your business, but also has a great impact on SEO.


The contents and articles on your website must be entirely your own and original. Otherwise, search engines will mark your site and its content as unsafe and will not include it in the ranking list.


Regularly updating, adding or changing the content of your website has a huge impact on SEO. Outdated data is ineffectively monitored by search engines.


The content and images on your website must be linked to each other and have accessible links. It should be noted that the "404 Error Page" link you create for the search results is also used for the search function.


The architecture on which your website is built, including your website's category structures, content links and other terms of service links, is very effective. Websites that are not designed with a correct architectural form are unfortunately inadequate for SEO structure.

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