5651 Logging Services

5651 Logging Services

5651 Loglama Hizmeti Neden Alınır?

Why Should You Get 5651 Logging Service?

According to Law No. 5651, real or legal persons providing internet services have different obligations and responsibilities. It is mandatory for people to undertake these obligations and responsibilities.
Logging is one of the obligations in this law that should be taken into consideration. Behaviors occurring in the system provided by logging are recorded. Logging can be called a system as a whole.
Nowadays, the implementation of this process is mandatory. It is mandatory to use the logging system in all transactions of institutions or organizations that provide internet access.
If the logging process is not used, real or legal persons are held responsible for any crime that may be committed over the internet.

What is the Scope of Law 5651?

law 5651It has been specially created to regulate all broadcasts made over the internet and to combat crimes that may be committed through the broadcasts provided. The law imposes certain responsibilities on companies that provide internet services to users through their businesses.
The law obliges those who provide mass internet access and use to individuals to record IP distribution logs by the internet provider in order to access content that may be considered a crime or to take precautions against people who may commit crimes through different transactions.

How is logging done and how long does it take?

According to the law presented less than six months and two years It is mandatory to keep logging records for a period of time determined by the regulation, but not longer. 5651 logging is mandatory and records the IP address information of the devices connected to the internal network, the start and end date and time of use, and the MAC addresses of the devices. These records must be stored electronically and the resulting log files must be signed with a time stamp.

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