ISO 27001 Information Security and Consultancy

ISO 27001 Information Security and Consultancy

What is ISO 27001 and why is it important?

Why is ISO 27001 Necessary?

ISO 27001 Information Security Management SystemIt is called a management system that includes people, processes and information systems and is supported by senior management in ensuring corporate information security. Its primary purpose is to protect information assets and provide confidence to relevant parties. It is designed to ensure adequate and proportionate security controls in this context.

It is an accepted situation all over the world that it is impossible for an organization to protect information security and business continuity with only technical measures, and that some precautions and controls such as ISMS must be taken. Senior management and all other employees must support and implement the security policies to be created within the framework of ISMS. In addition, the most important factor that increases security is that all persons and organizations with whom we cooperate comply with these policies.

What is the Purpose of Information Security?

  •  To ensure effective risk management and protection of corporate reputation by identifying possible security-related threats and risks.
  •  Ensuring business continuity at all times.
  •  To prevent security breach incidents or reduce their impact and minimize business damage.
  •  To ensure that information is not disclosed to third parties and auditors in a secure manner.
  •  Allowing the control of access to information resources.
  •  Protecting all relevant privacy features.

How to Ensure Corporate Information Security?

  • Creating an information security difference throughout the entire organization.
  • Establishing usage, policies and procedures appropriate to the institution.
  • Considering the organization of the institution; people, roles, appropriate assignments and work distribution.
  • All security software and hardware.
  • Constructing and planning information security management as one of all other managerial processes.
  • Making necessary appointments and providing resource opportunities.

What are the Benefits of Establishing an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System?

  • Awareness of information assets: It is the awareness of which information assets the organization has and their value.
  • Ability to protect its assets: Determining and implementing the controls and protection methods to be established.
  • Business continuity: Provides a guarantee for your business for many years. It also allows for the ability to continue working in the event of a disaster.
  • Being at peace with relevant parties: Gains the trust of relevant parties, especially suppliers, as their information will be protected.
  • Information is protected by the system and cannot be left to chance.
  • If its customers evaluate it, it is evaluated better than all other competitors.
  • The motivation of employees is increased.
  • It prevents legal pursuits.
  • It provides high prestige.

Stages of Establishing ISO 27001 Information Security System

It includes the steps of classifying assets, evaluating assets according to confidentiality, integrity and accessibility criteria and risk analysis, determining the controls to be applied according to the risk analysis outputs and creating documentation, then applying the controls, internal audit, keeping records, management review and finally documentation.

To whom is ISO 27001 valid in the Private Sector?

Private sector organizations that are required to establish an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System and obtain the ISO 27001 Certificate can be briefly listed as follows.

  • All software, hardware and integrator companies operating in the IT sector and participating in public tenders.
  • All companies that provide Electronic Communication networks and operate their infrastructure.
  • All companies and companies that signed the Task Agreement.
  • All companies and companies that signed the Concession Agreement.
  • Information is protected thanks to a good system and cannot be left to chance.
  • All companies and companies providing Satellite Communication Services.
  • All companies and companies providing Infrastructure Management Services.
  • All companies and companies providing Fixed Telephone Service.
  • All companies and companies providing GMPCS Mobile Telephone Service.
  • All companies and companies providing Virtual Mobile Network Service.
  • All Internet Service Providers.
  • All companies providing GSM 1800 Mobile Telephone Service on Aircraft.
  • All companies and companies that want to obtain E-invoice Private Integrator Authorization.
  • All exporting companies wishing to obtain Customs Facilitation Authorization.
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