IT Security Consultancy

IT Security Consultancy

IT Security Consultancy, Information systems are a whole. 

Information Technologies Security Consultancy

We feel and seriously see that developing technological structures are increasingly gaining importance in terms of security in almost every moment of our lives. The way businesses protect their business practices and secrets is through professional provision of information security.

Information technology security is an extremely broad concept. Information technologies constitute the security field with many processes, from the design and management of the entire infrastructure to the selection of products or services or security elements, from the establishment and operation of the information security management system to the performance of penetration tests. STD IT It provides you with the service you need at all these points. 

STD IT A comprehensive security solution with 

Our Information Technologies Security Solutions 

STD IT We carry out your information technology security measures thanks to our expert staff and advanced technology infrastructure. 


We provide services to recommend, design, plan and install information technology systems. To both our industrial and commercial customers who want to get help or advice regarding their information technology problems. IT Security We provide professional and quality service within the scope of


Network security servicesIt is specifically designed to respond to all potential threats targeting your business network, including hardware and software technologies, as well as knowledgeable security analysts, incident responders, hunters and similar resources. This service includes all stages of protection, detection and intervention.


Virtualization is the creation of a virtual version of a computer operating system, storage, or computer network resource device rather than a physical one. The main purpose of the virtualization service is to isolate the user from resources by providing an abstraction area to the user. Thus, a logic layer is added between the user and the resources. 


The biggest advantage of special software is that since every business has different business organization styles and different ways of doing business, standard software prepared by considering the common features of businesses offers superficial solutions to solve problems. For this reason, businesses increase their profitability by using special software advantages and differentiating themselves from their competitors when it comes to competing with international or local businesses.


STD IT Penetration testing is the security tests we carry out to detect logical errors and vulnerabilities in the information systems we have determined within your business, to prevent these security vulnerabilities from being exploited by malicious people and to make the systems more secure. With penetration tests, we determine how much security your business lacks and we strive to regulate these methods.


Also known as Disaster Recovery disaster recoveryis a service in which all systems and information are copied in a data center located in a different location to ensure that your corporate business applications operate uninterruptedly and your data is not lost. This service, also called backup, is a solution that stores your current data securely. We host the service provided on our secure servers.


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