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Secure, the flagship module of the product suite, locks down the employee to ensure company data is safe. With secure policies in place, the software can prevent data leakage from four (4) major leakage points; Web uploads, Email attachments and even printed documents including removable drives, cloud storage solutions like DropBox. Additionally, policies can be set to prevent data from originating from the source location, whether it is a file share on the network or an actual application.

  • proactive
    Now know what your employees do with data once they access it.
  • Control
    Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safe with your policies automatically enforced against accidental or malicious behavior.

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Scribe Management Suite has grown with Intelligence. What better way to know what your employees are doing without standing behind them? Intelligence is a comprehensive, easy-to-use workforce optimization software solution that tracks User Behavior from the moment they log in until they log out. The solution provides unprecedented visibility into performance operations, user behavior analytics and usage data.

  • Productivity
    Increase productivity by knowing now how an employee's day is. What do they do to do their job effectively?
  • Competence
    Understanding user behavior analytics can increase efficiency by eliminating tedious process errors if you know exactly how they get from point A to point B.


One of the most common problems in the IT industry is trying to understand how the error occurred. How did the user cause the app to break? How can I fix this? Support allows you to track the error and what caused the error. This way it will be easier to put Humpty Dumpty back together.

  • Information
    Now know what happened and how. Increase your knowledge base on error handling.
  • Precision
    Every problem can be solved with the right information. The machine is even automated to the point where it will “correct itself.”
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